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Bài 22: How to Create aPearlBrush from Gradient Meshes in Adobe Illustrator

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Step 13

Select a group with a pearl, then click on the Make BMG button in the Mesh Tormentor panel.

Drag the received objects into the Brushes panel, then choose Scatter brush in the opened dialog box.
hoc thiet ke quang cao 2

Step 14

Leave the brush’s parameters unchanged in the opened dialog box of Scatter Brush Options. We’ll work with parameters after our brush is created and applied.

Take the Paint Brush Tool (B) or any other drawing tool and create an arbitrary path.
hoc thiet ke quang cao 4

Step 15

And now let’s specify the brush settings. To do so, click twice on the icon for this brush in the Brushes panel, which opens the dialog box with parameters. Check the Preview option to observe the current changes.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 5
Everything is ready to transform the brush stroke back into gradient meshes. Keep the path selected, go to the Object > Expand Appearance.
hoc thiet ke quang cao 6

Step 16

Click on the Convert BMG into mesh in the plug-in’s panel.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 7
As you can see, we received a string of pearls, which are gradient meshes.
hoc thiet ke quang cao 8

Step 17

If in your work you use Graphic Tablet, then you can set the brush size to be determined by pressure. You also need to set a range for the size of your brush.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 9
The brush with such parameters allows to create an illusion of perspective, where objects that are closer to the viewer look bigger than the ones further away.
hoc thiet ke quang cao 10

Step 18

After transformation of the brush stroke into a group of gradient meshes (Object> Expand Appearance, then click on Convert BMG button), we need to change the sequence of the pearls on the left part of the necklace so they’re perspective appears from front to back.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 11
The sequence of the pearls can be altered with the help of the Send Backward command (Cmd/Ctrl + [ ) and Send to Back command (Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + [ ).
hoc thiet ke quang cao 12

Step 19

In additional to the drop shadow we added previously, we also need to add a shadow from the neighboring pearls to enhance the realism of the perspective. Create a circle with gradient mesh fill from brown to white. Apply the Multiply blending mode to it and place it on one of the pearls.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 13

Step 20

Now we need to hide parts of shadow which extends beyond the neighboring pearl. Select the gradient mesh which forms the shape of the neighboring pearl, then go to the Object > Path > Offset Path and set the offset value to 0 px.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 14

Step 21

Move this path up from its current group to above the form of a shadow in the Layers panel.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 15
hoc thiet ke quang cao 16

Step 22

Select this path and a form of the shade and go to the Object > Clipping Mask > Make or use Cmd/Ctrl +7 shortcuts.
hoc thiet ke quang cao 17
Using this technique create shadows on other pearls.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 18

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