Hệ thống bài học Adobe illustrator (Ai) có hướng dẫn chi tiết - Bài 23 (Phiên bản gốc) Phần 3

Bài 23: Create a Vector TV Remote

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Step 28

Select both circles and go to Object > Compound path > Make (Ctrl + 8) in order to create a compound path.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 1

Step 29

Using the Rectangle tool (M) create two 3 x 150 pt rectangles. Position them as in the image below.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 2

Step 30

Select all three shapes and hit the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder Panel.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 3

Step 31

Select all four shapes and rotate them 45 degrees using the Rotate Tool (R).

hoc thiet ke quang cao 4

Step 32

Select the top shape and make two copies in front of it (Ctrl + C > Ctrl + F > Ctrl +F). Select the copy that is on top of the other and, using the keyboard arrows, move it 1 point down. Then go to the Pathfinder Panel (Window > Pathfinder) and hit the Minus Front button.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 5

Step 33

Fill the resulted shape with a three-color gradient shown below (Window > Gradient). Then lower the Opacity to 50% and change the Blending Mode to Screen.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 6

Step 34

Now repeat the steps 32 and 33 for the rest of the three shapes. That’s what you should obtain:

hoc thiet ke quang cao 7

Step 35

Select all four shapes (without the shapes we created at steps 32 and 33) and add a 1 point black stroke (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100). Go to the Stroke Panel (Window > Stroke) and align the stroke to outside. Fill the shape with a two-color gradient (Window > Gradient).  Change the angle to 90 degrees from the Gradient Panel. Select the Left slider from the Gradient Panel and fill it with C=89 M=35 Y=67 K=30, then select the Right slider and fill it with C=88 M=11 Y=56 K=1. Add a Drop Shadow (Effects > Stylize > Drop Shadow) and enter the same values as in the image below. Go again to Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow and add a new Drop Shadow. An alert message will appear; then click Apply New Effect button.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 8

Step 36

Now select the buttons we’ve previously created (from step 22 to step 26) and make three different versions, as in the image below.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 9

Step 37

Now that we have all the shapes we need, let’s arrange them like in the image below or feel free to arrange them as you like.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 10

Step 38

Now let’s add labels to our buttons using the Type Tool (T) and the Pen Tool (P). Feel free to use whatever font you want and, of course, you can make your own unique icons.

hoc thiet ke quang cao 11

And we’re done!

hoc thiet ke quang cao 12

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